Over the years, the Mazza Museum has played host to a retinue of gifted authors and illustrators, whose unforgettable stories have transformed not only our own journeys, but the path of culture itself. On March 29, the Mazza had the privilege of hosting an author and illustrator whose biography reads like the plot line of a fantastic literary adventure. 

At the age of two, Caroline Magerl and her family immigrated to Australia from Germany. Five years later, the family escaped the fringes of Sydney’s suburbia, setting sail aboard a forty five-foot boat, which Caroline’s father had constructed in the backyard. But this was only the beginning. By the age of 15, Caroline had attended ten different schools, where she developed a lifelong fascination with the inner and outer lives of people, and a new appreciation for the universal need to belong. It was this very notion that inspired her book, Rose and the Wish Thing, on which she presented during her visit to the Mazza Museum. 

Caroline, a resident of Queensland, Australia, was accompanied by her husband Mark on a cross-country promotional tour of the United States. After spending the day with the Mazza staff, Caroline took time to sign autographs, draw on the office walls (a long-standing tradition continued by visiting artists and authors), and even donated two original paintings from Rose and the Wish Thing to the Mazza collection. Her generosity and professionalism were surpassed only by the new friendships she created during her visit.

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Awesome Works

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