CELEBRATE YOU. Written by Sherri Duskey Rinker. Illustrated by A. N Kang. Balzer + Bray. $17.99.

On this special occasion,

we’re just so filled with pride,

and we’re thrilled, and we’re grateful,

to be at your side.

So we’ll pause for a moment

to look back and ahead,

to say a few things about YOU

that just NEED to be said!

In the spirit of OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO! by Dr. Seuss, this book is likely to become a go-to gift for people who are starting new chapters in their lives. Its central message is to celebrate accomplishments and readiness to tackle the future.

It features a little penguin, charmingly illustrated by A. N. Kang, and begins with the penguin coming through a door to a surprise party that is just for him. Guests include animals of northern climes— a polar bear, a fox, a reindeer, an owl, and the penguin’s proud parents. As the book proceeds, readers find out that this is not just fluff. The celebration is because the penguin has become strong, kindhearted, wise, persistent, hard-working, learned, witty, caring, and humble. His heart is in the right place. At the end, the penguin is urged to

Go shine in the world.

Make the most of each day.

Take every chance

to make more dreams come true.

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Awesome Works

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