THAT’S GOOD, THAT’S BAD. Written by Joan M. Lexau. Illustrated by Aliki. Prestel. Ages 3-7. $17.95.

Originally published in 1963, this updated version of THAT’S GOOD, THAT’S BAD features digitally enhanced reproductions of Aliki’s original prints. She initially did her own color separation by printing each color on acetate film and layering the sheets. The resulting pure colors and abstract style perfectly convey the jungle setting and animals. The story begins with a boy sitting on a rock. Along comes Tiger, who tells the boy to run if he doesn’t want to be eaten. When the boy says he has no more run left in him, he arouses Tiger’s curiosity. The boy then relates the ups and downs of his adventure trying to escape a rhino. Aliki skillfully used the gutter to divide the story. She featured a large image of the boy on the left side, with the text telling his tale. On the right side is a large image of Tiger commenting, “That’s good” or “That’s bad.” The action is conveyed across the middle of the double-page spreads. The boy never forgets the danger he is in and escapes both Tiger and Rhino in a clever ending.

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Awesome Works

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