ONE HUG. Written by Katrina Moore. Illustrated by Julia Woolf. Katherine Tegen Books. Ages newborn-4. $14.99.

“One hug, two hugs, sometimes three,

Hugging makes us family!”

Written in short rhyming verses, this delightful book is perfect for family hugging. It shows many ways hugs can happen, even hugs from the family pet:

“Some hugs nuzzle nose to nose.

Some hugs lick and tickle toes!”

There is an extra story in the illustrations, which show an Asian family getting a long-awaited visit from their grandmother. One of the granddaughters is a little shy. Grandmother gives her an extra special kind of hug to draw her in. The book ends with the grandmother in a tent with the children doing a little stargazing cuddling. The book is intended for babies and preschoolers and has the perfect combination of rhyming text and lively pictures that will draw them into reading cuddles and hugs.

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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