On February 19 2018, the Findlay branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) hosted their annual Mini Math and Science Day program at the Mazza Museum. Author, illustrator and paper engineer Jeff Ebbeler discussed his artistic journey and his work with various types of illustration, including paper engineering. The young women in attendance learned about the creative processes behind pop-up book construction, and had the opportunity to create a pop-up book of their own and take a tour of the Laiho Gallery given by Suzanne Thompson, a docent at Mazza.

While discussing his journey, Ebbeler encouraged those in attendance to get out and meet people, and share with them what they’ve been working on. Ebbeler championed creativity and the ability to take existing ideas and twist them into new, unique and interesting approaches.

Sophia Ruiz, an 8th grader from Donnell Middle School and a STEM camp participant, said that she appreciated hearing how Ebbeler was able to connect writing, something she also has an interest in, to his illustration work. Ruiz also appreciated Ebbeler’s focus on his inspirations and challenges and found him relatable.

It was wonderful to showcase paper engineering, its home at Mazza and its STEM connections. Thanks to all involved who helped create a memorable day for these future STEM leaders.

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