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Thank you for joining us for our three-day interactive conference full of educational and engaging presentations from some of the top authors and illustrators in the picture book industry.


Monday, July 12th

  1. Using Jane Addams Books in the Classroom – Intro to Jane Addams Peace Association Awards. This break-out includes info on the Awards, book lists, applications from elementary to high school, hands-on activities and projects, Mazza art (!) and lots of book give-aways.

Lesson plans for four books geared to elementary level students.  Resources which incorporate the Jane Addams titles.  Time for personal review of books in the Jane Addams Collection.  Door prizes of Jane Addams autographed books.

Presented by Mary Klein & Barbara Meyers – Endly Room – It would be best for them to be seated either at tables or desks with a large work surface.



  1. The Best 40 Picture Books in the Last 12 Months – All in 50 Minutes! – Picture books, whether for young children or older children, are works of art that can serve so many roles: fun stories, meaningful tales, learning experiences, emotional release, inspiration, works of art, and some much more! Come listen to us share the best 40 picture books of the last year – all in record time!

Presented by Christina Dorr  – No AV needed, I’m going to do it old school with just books.  Maybe a microphone?



  1. Choosing and Using International Books – Join us in examining and discussing international books for young people–books originally published in a country other than the United States but available in the US in English or translated to English. Books that provide exceptional stories and illustrations, often with powerful and diverse concepts, will be highlighted. Topics, genres, and formats, along with ways to readily identify and locate international books will be included. Many, but not all of the books in this session are for younger readers/viewers, and books for all ages will be available. Presenters will share tips and insights learned from using international books as well as from their participation on international book selection committees. Participants will receive a QR code with links to additional information and book lists.

Presented by Isaac Willis Larison & Brenda Dales


  1. “Into the Archives: Exploring Children’s Literature Collections” – Special collections and archives are often envisioned as formal, remote places, but they offer valuable, readily accessible opportunities to teachers, librarians, and K-12 students, including online exhibitions, historical resources, and research fellowships. This presentation will focus on the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature while also highlighting other children’s literature special collections.

Presented by Ramona Caponegro & will ask Joe Prince, Kathy East, and/or Christina Dorr to talk about their experiences with the Baldwin briefly if available – I’ll need a computer, projector, and ideally Internet access.



  1. Mazza Museum Puppet Show, Where the Wild Things AreBe taken to the land of the “Where the Wild Things Are” through a puppet show by three of the Mazza Museum’s volunteers.


Presented by Ginny Laiho, Vicki McClurkin & Tish Sampson – Mazza Museum


Tuesday, July 13th

  1. True Story: Engaging Students in Content Areas by Teaching with Narrative Nonfiction – We all love a good story and our students are no different, especially when the story is true.  Help students engage with content area topics by teaching with great narrative nonfiction picture books as the hook! In this session we will look at different types of nonfiction, focusing on a wide variety of narrative nonfiction picture books from multiple content areas such as language arts, social studies, science, art and mathematics.  These texts highlight diversity in content areas, present content area information at varying reading levels and most importantly, engage students in a great (true!) story. 


Presented by Anjie Trusty & Carrie Plesec – We will need a computer, projector and screen.  I can bring the presentation on a USB drive or save it in Google Drive if we have access to the internet. 



  1. Books by 2022 Mazza Summer & Weekend Conference Authors/Illustrators – Be introduced to the author/illustrators of the 2022 Summer & Weekend Conference along with their books!

Presented by Connie Cramer


  1. Tour of the Mazza Museum – Docent led tour of the 6 galleries in the Mazza Museum.

Presented by Vicki Knauerhase Leah Moore


  1. Inviting Curiosity, Creativity and New Connections through the Power of Improvisation with Picture Books – Together, in this safe, fun, and interactive workshop, we will root ourselves in authentic conversations and supportive dialogue to explore the power of improvisation as our catalyst. Drawing on the imaginative words and text of picture books, we will Say Yes, and dive into Collaborative Play to strengthen not only the narratives shared in the book but also our own narratives and make new meaning using the picture books.  Come ready to give boldly and receive gracefully to build relationships with others through empathy., listening, and authentic connections.

Presented by Barbara Allen


  1. Children’s Books & Technology Together – How can you challenge students to make strong connections with books using technology? Discover ways to use iPad apps and other technology tools like robots to get students creating and reflecting! 


Presented by Holly Dragisich


Wednesday, July 14th

  1. From Hundreds to One: The Journey of a Sibert Medal Winner – This year’s Sibert Medal went to The People’s Painter, a picture book biography about social justice artist Ben Shahn. Learn how nonfiction picture books are evaluated and about the process the committee follows in order to determine a winner.

Presented by Joe Prince – AV equipment that accommodates a PowerPoint: a projector, screen, and cables that can hook up to a Mac laptop



  1. Tour the Conda STEAM Education Center – Tour the Mazza Museum’s new addition. The Conda STEAM Education Center blends science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics in a hands-on learning lab that fosters creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills.

Presented by Heather Sensel


  1. Picture Books for the Math Phobic – Engaging and enhancing children’s knowledge of math concepts is made easier through use of picture books. You don’t have to be good at math to enjoy the books explored during this session.


Presented by Jacqueline LaRose – if I could have access to a computer and projector, that would be helpful. I will also be bringing lots of books to display, so prefer a room with plenty of table space. 



  1. Common Discourse: Using Literacy to Advocate for Environmental Issues – We created How can we use Children’s literature as a tool for teaching sustainability and environmental issues?  In this session, we will look at books aimed at environmental topics and ways to use them in your classroom to create discussion and encourage action. A book list and activities will be shared with participants. 


Presented by Dr. Kerry Teeple


  1. Wording Dancing with Picture Books – Learn How Storytelling and Story Making Makes Picture Books Come Alive! – There is more than one way to tell a story. In this workshop, explore and energize with new Story Making and Storytelling Processes to jazz your experience with picture books.

Presented by Kevin Cordi

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