THE FARMER. Written and illustrated by Ximo Abadia. Holiday House. $17.99.

Ximo Abadia is a Spanish author and illustrator of children’s books, graphic novels, and comics. This simple book features a joyous farmer as he goes about his chores to bring forth a new crop. Dressed in a black top hat, a blue and white striped shirt, and red overalls that match his rather large nose, Farmer Paul is a bulbous character, better seen than described.

The story is simple. Farmer Paul plants his crops and the rain and sun make them grow. Then, it gets hot and dry and they begin to wither. But, with a little help from his friends cow, donkey, badger, and the rain, the plants revive. Yellow backgrounds convey the feel of the hot, sunny summer. Young children should enjoy this exuberant book with its extended message of the importance of loving what you do!

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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